About This Torah

Starting with Parshas Lech Lecha (2017), Rabbi Bernstein began presenting selections from the sefer Meshech Chochmah on the Torah by R' Meir simcha HaKohen of Dvinsk, the Ohr Sameach.

In a generation of Torah greats, R' Meir Simchah was known as the Sar HaTorah - the Prince of Torah. One of the reasons for this is that in addition to his mastery in all areas of Torah, he saw them as a unified whole. Hence, in his vision, a seemingly purely halachic discussion could be enhanced and developed with an idea from the world of machshavah, and equally, a pasuk in a narrative section of the Torah can be illuminated using a halachic principle. As such, the questions he raises in the pesukim are ones which we probably would not have noticed, the answers he provides are ones we could not have anticipated, and the ensuing discussions weave together pieces from all over Torah into one harmonized whole. It is very simply learning Chumash on a different level

Please feel free to forward these essays to any individuals or groups you think would enjoy and benefit from them.  Additionally, we encourage you to print out and take any of the essays to Shul.